When bankruptcy invades your life, helplessness and fear on what to do and who to turn to are initial reactions. Having been there we can say without a doubt that the best decision we made was to retain Attorney Joseph Peiffer for our case. His extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law and firm but caring demeanor guided us through this emotional process. With our discharge now behind us, we are able to  move forward and focus on our plans for the future.

Jerry and Deb Richter

We have worked with Joe Peiffer on numerous projects over the past 20 years.  He understands business issues and has always worked tirelessly to overcome unique legal obstacles that inherently pop up in troubled company transactions.  Joe has always been a professional that we can comfortably recommend to our Iowa clients.

Fred Cross, Managing Director
Equity Partners HG

I wanted to thank you for your help regarding the reclassification of debt in a chapter 12. Between your efforts to get a good law passed, making good law, providing me advice and educating people on the matter, I was able to reclassify over $100,000 in IRS liability. Thank you!

–Attorney John Levis
Levis Law Firm, Swainsboro, GA

Joe Peiffer is working with the Commercial Law League of America to modify the bankruptcy venue laws. These laws have allowed corporate debtors, such as VeraSun, to file their cases involving Midwestern farmers in Delaware, a state which is far removed from where they have done business with any farmers. Watch the following video to learn more.